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Opportunity Knocks...

... but it doesn't stay for long. You need to recognize it, act upon it, and profit from your thoughtful preparation. You know what you want from the market. Your methodologies and setups are complete. Your plan is successful on paper and in practice, now take your trading to the next level. Plan to execute - then execute your plan. Half the battle is already won.

What Do All Traders Want?

  • Ability to evaluate the market quickly & accurately
  • Rapid order entry with stops & profit targets where they want them
  • Fast, accurate, up to the minute P&L calculations
  • Minimized uncertainty and stress levels in a high stress setting
TradeStationís state-of-the-art real time charting and order placement, along with Elliptra's strategies and indicators give you an edge in trading the global electronic markets automatically, enabling you to remove decision making from the mix while focusing on your bottom line.

Plan to execute... execute the plan With Elliptra products and services you get:
  • Always-In-The-Market Strategies with Configurable parameters
  • Ability to create your own custom order management strategies
  • Multiple account profit & loss monitoring
  • A more focused trading environment
AgileTrader Registered Professional

Disclaimer: Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future trade results. Transactions in futures markets are heavily leveraged and carry a high degree of risk. Only risk capital should be used when trading futures. It is the responsibility of the individual trader to be thoroughly acquainted with leverage amounts and margin requirements to trade any particular market.